Tuesday, October 30, 2012

I'm Officially 24

I couldn't sleep well last night..maybe I'm too excited about my birthday haha
Regional manager choose meeting today,
I thought he purposely choose my birthday to just celebrate with me!
but I'm wrong haha.
(think too much!)
However, my colleagues still love me..i got 2 cakes from Clients, flowers from my colleagues!

my lovely colleagues 
snap for a memory after office hour

Thanks i love my them.
I really appreciate alotss!

My dinner on 30/10/2012
Renaissance Hotel Kota Bharu 6 floor
Total meal : 6 course
Special cooked by a chef name : Mike Leong
Arrange by my boyfie
Dinner together with family.

 The starter and wine from Spain (Pintia 2005 )
 it is 100% Pinta de Toro aged for one year in new French and American oak.

1. Steam Abalone scallop soup
2. Angus Beef from Australia
3. White Sesame peanuts barley (dessert)----->one of my favourite
4. Mee sua

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